Thursday, October 16, 2008

Where does a liberal mormon fit in?


It seems that liberals attack us for our mormon-ness, and mormon's attack us for our liberal-ness.

I'll be glad when November 4th is a distant memory.

I either need a break, or to find some different blogs.


adam said...

Isn't it great? I love being in nowhere. Makes me feel unique, and plays right to the heart of my narcissism... wait, maybe that's not good. :)

Allie said...

Thanks for the perspective adam.

It just kind of hit me suddenly, so I haven't had time to learn to appreciate it yet.

Sanford said...

I assume you mean liberal in the political sense. As a politically liberal Mormon, I am most comfortable with others that share my politics and religious beliefs. I fit in fine in that group but because those people are few and far between I mostly don't fit in. Especially in my neighborhood and ward. So I console myself with the thought that at least my neighbors and ward members find me interesting and even entertaining if badly misguided.

Salt H2O said...

Depends on what circles you run in.

Most liberals don't care what faith you are as long as you share their view point. If you haven't found that to be so- it's probably because you live in Davis County.

Liberal Mormons fit in everywhere outside of this state.

However, I have a number of liberal non-lds friends in Utah, but it's probably because they liked me first, then found out I was LDS-

BTW got your husband's flier on the front door yesterday- you have a really cute family.

Allie said...

(I'm really only politically liberal in the utah sense- anywhere else, I'm pretty moderate.)

I think several of my brothers-in-law find it amusing to use me to hone their memorization of sean hannity spew.


Carissa said...

Eh, Sean Hannity- I'm proud that I can't stand to watch him. Do you think he's got the guts to call out Bush on his socialist bail-out move? He has blinded himself with his strict party loyalty.

Allie- you can be my friend :) I don't choose them by their political ideology. Besides, I make compost and homemade pizza, do canning, and used cloth diapers!

Sanford said...


I just figured out that your husband, I think, is running for the legislature in my district. I wish him the best of luck. I live just south of the Eaglewood golf course and would like to put up a lawn sign. How can I get one? Are you also the reusable diaper person? If you are, I almost bought some from you a while ago but them my daughter was able to go without.

derekstaff said...

Well, standing for truth has never been particularly popular. And I agree, it is frustrating how often irreligious liberals refuse to respect our religiosity. But I'm heartened to see that the Religious left is growing, and that as frustrating as they can be, the irreligious left is less divisive and exclusionary than the religious right.

For quite a number of reasons, I'll be glad when the election season is over!

Charlotte said...

Oh Al,
I so feel your pain here! One e-mail convo had me in tears. I too will be glad when this election is over and everyone can move on to I-told-you-so'ing.

Allie said...

Carissa- composting, canning, homemade pizza, AND cloth diapers? I think you may be my new best friend (sorry Natalie) :)

Sanford- one of us can bring you a sign- email me at aroberts at xmission dot com with your address. And yes, I sell cloth diapers (and provide support to those looking to get started).

Derek- I try not to get too upset at people who make fun of mormons (I just vent on my blog I guess). I can't really blame them, they're just as frustrated as I am.

I don't talk politics too much with most of my friends. Usually only when they bring up something, because I don't want to damage friendships with political arguments.

It's my own fault I've been so frustrated, I need to stop reading the tribune comments, and a few other blogs that I just can't leave alone. :)

Salt H2O said...

Why is it that each side always thinks they're standing for truth?
That's what closes the room for open discussion- you can't rationally talk to someone who thinks they're 'standing for truth' All political thought right now is opinion.

Comments on the trib boards annoy me as well- and I'm fairly conservative. Comments on FMV annoy me- I don't think I can go anywhere politically and not be annoyed right now. Everyone feels so darn right in their positions that there is little room for rational discussion.

In addition- the Republican party really is the party of religous bigotry. It's interesting how in love Mormons and Utah is with republicans when republicans can't see past a candidate's faith.

Allie said...

(does that mean you need a Kyle Roberts sign too Kory?)


adam said...

"Why is it that each side always thinks they're standing for truth?"

Lol, I agree, but have you ever tried telling that to Linda?

Emily said...

I'm finding that more and more people (closer to our age) are considering themselves as "moderate" vs. strictly republican. I think as the older generation dies out, we may see less of this republican-is-the-only party-you-can-belong-to-and-still-consider- yourself-a-mormon-attitude. Not to sound cruel or anything, but I think some older voters have a hard time changing their views or admitting someone else might have a better way. As of late, I've found that two former conservatives consider themselves liberal: Shelby and Jake Hess. Kinda surprised me. But it just goes to show that people are open to change and doing what's right because it's right, not because it's what's always been done.

Allie said...

I agree Emily. My Mister's grandparents for example have some views that I find really offensive, but I tend to give them a pass, because it's the way they were raised.

I was talking to my friend Natalie the other day, and she reminded me that Utah already has a viable two-party system. Republicans and Moderate Republicans. :)