Friday, October 24, 2008

All of these things are just like the other, all of these things are just the same

Salt Blog has provided a nice kick-in-the-pants to remind us of the senate and house members who voted for vouchers. The list is not comprehensive, the Salt Blog says their list is of the voucher ring leaders. You can also look at the Utah Leg. sites for Senate and House votes on the voucher bill.

Lest you think I've become a one issue voter (If I had, the issue would be health care anyway), I'm not recommending voting against any of these people soley because of their vote for vouchers, but rather to use their voucher vote as an example of their arrogance as a representative. They decided that they knew better than us, that they didn't need to listen to us, and that we were so stupid that we'd continue to vote for them even after they demonstrated such a lack of regard for our will.

Here are the Davis County legislators who voted FOR vouchers and are up for reelection:

Roger Barrus (House district 18)

Kevin Garn (House district 16)

Curtis Oda (House district 14)

I'm sure that these men are all good people, I'm sure that they are doing what they believe to be their best in representing us, which is one reason why it's time for them to step aside.


George and WP said...

There is a universality of arrogance among our elected elites from Orrin Hatch to Roger Barrus. Both have told us in the newspaper and personally from Roger that if you knew what I know you would have voted the same way.

Good is a relative term. Consider Roger's vote to cut off the in state tuition for Tito, Mirko and Brent or to take away Paco's driver's license.

Sadly, we have what it is and the electorate largly still has the blinders on. Too many Republicans only see abortion as their one issue, maybe the fear of Gay marriage as the second.

I donated another hundred bucks today to Equality California.

Salt H2O said...

I voted for your husband today.

If he's elected will he PLEASE look into why the hell we're paying so much more for gas than the rest of the country?

Good Luck!