Thursday, May 29, 2008

Rule of the Day...

If it looks nasty, put cheese on it.

I warmed up some spinach that I had frozen awhile back, and ran it through the food processor. I mixed it with baby rice cereal because CP seems to eat anything if it's mixed with rice cereal.

It looked disgusting. I didn't even want to test it to make sure it wasn't too hot. So I melted some cheese into it. It actually tasted okay. Not something I'd seek out for lunch or anything, but better than mashed up green beans for sure. He ate several bites and enthusiastically signed for more. Then all of a sudden he must have realized I was trying to pull one over on him because he signed "all done" and wouldn't take another bite, not even when I flew the spoon at his mouth with appropriate motorcycle and/or airplane noises.

We'll try again at lunch tomorrow.


adam said...

Smart kids. LG has a major sweet tooth (5 of them, actually). They know what's good.

George said...

We had a five pound block of Costco cheese in the fridge. I tried it in my eggs once and no mas. We now have a five pound block of Tillamook. La vida es buena again.

You can't fool us men folk too often. We know what we like!

The Muehli's said...

Too funny. I'm sure when our first little one gets here it will be interesting! I was a bit of a nightmare from what I hear...always very picky about what I'd eat - and I haven't changed a bit!

You've got some really interesting blogs...looking forward to reading more of them! And thanks for stopping by ours!