Thursday, May 29, 2008

Raise your hand if you had soggy cereal this morning.

I think it must be a mom thing. As soon as I pour milk on my cereal, all of my children start needing something, and by the time I get back to my bowl of whatever cereal was on sale, it's nothing but a soggy mess. I either need to learn to eat cereal dry, or hide in a closet to eat.

Today, A wanted a snack (really, a snack? I haven't even had breakfast yet!) and I had of course, just poured the milk. I told him I'd help him after I ate my cereal. He suggested putting it in the fridge so it wouldn't get soggy. He wouldn't give up. Thankfully I had just shoved the last bit of food in my mouth when I saw him scooping yogurt into a bowl, and was able to "help" him before we had a yogurt table cloth.

I'm not sure speed eating beats soggy cereal. Maybe, but just barely.


Kari said...

I like the idea of hiding in the closet to eat. I remember watching my mom run around during dinner and never getting to eat her dinner while it was warm. Now that Jackson is eating table food, I find the same thing happening. Soggy cereal and cold dinner, what's a mom to do but enjoy the fun and dream of closet eating.

N said...

We tend to eat dinner around 8 or 8:30 at main reason being that I can prepare the meal without LG trying to yank my pants off while holding onto my legs. The other is so Shempa Warrior and I can enjoy a quiet WARM meal together:)

M.A. said...

May I suggest PROBARS? They are ALWAYS cold (or at least, cool, or at least, room temperature) and NEVER soggy. And they are available in a number of enticing flavors, contain lotsa fiber, protein, omega fatty acids, and sufficient calories that you won't NEED breakfast (AND they are made locally).

Criscell said...

Ha ha!! This totally made me laugh! It's sooo true--and I only have one kid! It was great to see you guys and your house is awesome!