Thursday, May 22, 2008

My own About You non-email forward

You know how it goes... Copy and paste, then replace my answers with yours. You can thank me for not sending an email forward later (just kidding, I like getting those from friends!).

1. What does your spouse call you? Al

2. What do you bake/cook that you do better than anyone you know? I like most of the food I make, but especially my stir fry, and my cheesecake and orange rolls, and swedish pancakes, and butter mints (although I get the orange roll/cheesecake/butter mint talent/recipes from my mom (who got them from other family members).

3. What is the most important thing you do for yourself? I use to go running, but I've gotten a bit lazy about that. Now it's probably having time to myself to blog or read or play online scrabble.

4. What is your favorite thing to do with your kids? I love bedtime. I love how they smell after a bath, with clean damp hair while they sit with me and read a book. I also like to run around with them on the grass until we get so tired that we all fall down. I also love listening to them play together or by themselves and hearing the things they come up with.

5. What was the last date you went on with your spouse? I think we maybe went to Ikea? We usually get movies and have popcorn and smoothies at home. We are going to see two plays in June in Cedar City, which I am super excited about.

6. What made you smile recently? On tuesday night, I was at YW's, and my Mister was out in the yard. The kids were supposed to be in bed. My Mister had just mixed cement for the basketball stand when he heard A screaming. By the time he had the cement in place, and made it inside, A was in his bed asleep. He asked J why A was screaming, and J said that A went to the bathroom and needed help wiping. Since no parents were there to do the job, J helped him. I'm so proud of my boy! He does things like that fairly often, and it makes me think that he's growing up just fine, even if sometimes he doesn't listen as well as I think he should.

7. Where would you most like to be right now? Home with my family, during a power outage (as long as it was only a couple of hours before the power came back on).

8. What is your favorite job to do around the house? Vacuuming, maybe? I'm not so fond of doing jobs around the house, but I love how the house looks when it is clean, and there is something satisfying about having the lines from the vacuum all match up (OCD anyone?).

9. What is your least favorite job around the house? Folding laundry. I don't do it. (Thank you Mister)

10. What should you be doing right now, instead of answering my silly about you questions? Cleaning my house. :)


Lisa said...

Where do you play online scrabble. I used to play all the time several years ago on, but it is all changed now. I lurve scrabble!

Natalie said...

My spouse calls me Natalie. Never Nat.

I make really good cookies and Lion House rolls.

I read for myself. Young adult fiction is a favorite. I read really silly books, sometimes. I just finished "Diary of a Whimpy Kid." And "Super Diaper Baby" is a family favorite!

I love to go on walks with my kids after Sunday dinner. And, I love to be on their turf, like school or with their friends. It's fun seeing who they really are.

My spouse and I went to Washington, D.C. for 5 days in April. It was spectacular. We both love similar things, so highlights included the National Archives and Arlington Cemetary (where we were amazed to find the Supreme Court justices section. Really cool). Spouse is at Indiana Jones with Junoir tonight. JT and Little Miss and I are going to eat Taco Bell and watch Nancy Drew.

When my kids are nice to each other, play well together, and look out for each other, I don't just smile, I GLOW!

I would like to be in a bookstore, all by myself with a pocket full of cash. Or, with the kids in bed watching the new BBC DVD I got from Top Hat Video and eating popcorn.

Favorite job around the house? Not sure - yesterday I did laundry, dishes, washed mirrors and sweeped the garage. The garage part was fun. It was extra gross! Least favorite job is folding laundry! It NEVER ENDS!

What should I be doing right now? Making dinner. Or at least loading the kids into the car for Taco Bell.

See ya!

adam said...

natalie - that's funny, because I used to only call my wife Natalie, until she somewhat directly asked me to call her "Nat" once in a while. We're pretty flexible with what we call each other, although I don't call her "Al", and she doesn't call me "jerkwad" (like a couple we know). : )