Tuesday, May 06, 2008

A. A Wash Cloth, A Bandaid, A partially emptied Kit Kat Wrapper and the Camcorder charger cord

Q. Things CP tried to eat this morning, so far.

I saw him with the bandaid and wondered where he got it, until I saw the wash cloths all over the floor and the box of bandaids dumped out into the drawer. Just prior to that, I heard rustling sounds and peeked over at him and saw him trying to devour a mini kit kat wrapper, which for some strange reason had just a bit of kit kat left in it (Someone else must have eaten that kit kat, because I would never leave a partially eaten kit kat sitting around).

In other news, A told me recently that we needed to purchase two more humans.

Originally he wanted to buy a blue car, but I told him that we wouldn't all fit in a car, he then pointed out that we have two empty seats in the van. He's been trained well (maybe) that we shouldn't waste resources, so naturally he wanted to fill those empty spots right up. "We need to buy two humans mom".

Hmmm, good luck with that.

Finally, on Sunday I saw the most adorable little girl I think I have ever seen. Maybe not the most adorable, but there was something about her that caught my attention. Maybe she reminded me of me. Whatever it was, she made me really want a little girl. Almost bad enough to forget that I already have a baby, and that I've got my hands full at the moment (CP just tried to eat his daddy's glasses, and everything else left out on the night stand- I think our house needs to be more clutter-free).


adam said...

CP seems to always be a few weeks ahead in this kind of stuff, so it's nice to be prepared for LG eating bandaids in June.

Charlotte said...

At least it was a clean band-aid!! And I totally had that same experience with a little girl at our playgym about a month ago. My uterus was aching, I tell you. My friend finally had to tell me to stop staring at the girl because it was getting creepy.


Criscell said...

You DO need a girl, Alice!!

Lisa said...

I agree with Charlotte - at least it was a clean bandaid! (See my blog description of Sawyer eating a bandaid that had been used on both his leg and his face).

Oh, and I saw on Facebook that your mister is done with school! Congrats to him! (And to you, because I know you have contributed so much to his success.)

And yes, have a girl, because your boy-kids are so cute and funny, I'm sure your girl-kid would turn out wonderful!