Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tasty Lunches

Yesterday a photographer in our ward, along with the bishop, bishop's wife and two nice sisters came over to bring me some treats (and to take a picture of it- it's for enrichment night or something, I can't remember- I heard treat and said okay to the picture).

One of the sisters brought some homemade flan. I'm not a huge fan of flan, but I'm going to try some because it was a gift. The other sister is from Japan, and she brought battered and fried vegetables and a few pot-sticker type things (I think they're fried won tons). I'm having them for lunch. This picture isn't exactly what they looked like, but you get the idea. I ate the fried won tons first, then the vegetable things (what are they called, I'm having a mind blank, even though I just googled for the image!). Some were onions, and some were green beans and carrots in fried little pile-o-vegetable-goodness.

(are you jealous Adam?)

(I just realized I don't have a "food" label. How can that be!)


adam said...

I'm salivating. I'm pretty sure what you had is called tempura. My favorites in Japan were the squash, shrimp, and potatoes. mmmmmm.

Allie said...

I've had potato ones at neighborhood parties. Those are my favorite too.