Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Curbside Recycling in North Salt Lake

Awhile back there was a message from the NSL Mayor about garbage cans being like recycling cans because the garbage in Davis County (except for Bountiful I believe) goes to the burn plant, which sells energy to Hill Airforce Base. I'm glad that the burn plant is able to harness the energy from the garbage. I'm also glad that disposable diapers are not putting fecal material (that's poop) into landfills where it can leach into our water supply untreated.

I think calling garbage cans recycling bins is stretching things a bit though.

There must have been others who agreed with me, because on the NSL Website there is currently a poll asking residents if they are in favor of a 3.35/month utility bill increase for a city wide curbside recycling program. Even more interesting, is that of the the 73 votes (as of 10am this morning) 64 of them were in favor. $3.35 a month would save my family some money, since we signed up with with a private curbside recycling company at a price of $10/month.

I would like to know more about the city program. Who would operate it? Where would the recycled materials go?


wordsfromhome said...

My city also has made overtures toward starting a city wide recycling curb side program. I find it interesting that they finally think about it AFTER someone enterprising starts a business, and works hard to get the service out to people who are interested.
$10 a month seems like a lot, but MW does not have the opportunity to have the more dense customer base of entire communities. What chance is there for this provider to be able to take his service community wide through the city's participation, or is the city going to put the private service out of business after the entreprenuer has shown them that it is a valid and useful service?
When we were asked in our city newsletter, I expressed these concerns.

Allie said...

I would hope that the cities would use MW, since they are already established as a curbside recycling company.