Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I Love You Batman

Today A and I were walking to school to pick up J. A said, "I'm Batman, and you're my boss, because batman has a boss to tell him what to do".

"Okay", I say.

"Hey Boss?"

"What Batman?"

"I love you boss."

"I love you too batman."

Then a few minutes later as we crossed the street, he held my hand and said, "Batman always holds his bosses hand to cross the street".

Later, getting ready for bed, batman became Jeepman (because his batman pj's were dirty, but his jeep pj's were available).


wordsfromhome said...

Motherhood has some great perks, doesn't it? You can't buy that kind of satisfaction anywhere!

M.A. said...

that is utterly delightful. thanks for sharing!