Sunday, March 19, 2006

Young at Heart

I was babysitting 9 teenagers for the weekend. It was actually really fun, but on friday night there was a dance for all the youth at the conference. The Mr. took my purse out to the car (it was getting in the way when we were dancing). So there I was standing against the wall, all by myself, when a slow song started.

A skinny 14-year-old approached and despite my ferocious eye-avoidance, he asked me to dance.

I had a couple of thoughts... I could just dance with him and hope that he never found out I was an advisor (because if he did find out, he'd be pretty embarrassed), or two, I could just tell him I was an advisor....

So, I said, "That's really sweet, but I'm an advisor and am just waiting for my husband to come back". Then I was going to point out the cute non-advisor girl a few feet away, but the kid said "sorry, I didn't know" and took off.

Apparently I look like I "senior" (that's what the kids in my group said later).

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M.A. said...

you're a hot senior chick!