Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Spam Mail Avengers Unite!!!

My first success! This email just came through my local freecycle (or freecycle spin-off) site:

If you do find the need to forward on information:

1) Check it out at the snopes site that was just posted.

2) Copy the body of the e-mail into a NEW E-MAIL

3) Do not copy any of the addresses where the e-mail has come from

4) Use the BCC to put names from your address book in the To: line.

5) If you want your friends to be happy to see e-mail from you, use your forwards sparingly!

6) Forward petitions are worthless! Remember they are like a family tree, you are not losing the names that were just forwarded to 73 people if any of them sign their name and send them on. They do not have much affect when they reach their destination though. Do what you will with them.

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