Friday, March 31, 2006

The Orange-Gooey Taste of Success

My second attempt at the famous family orange roll recipe was successful! As you can see, they are beautiful, gleaming with the orange-sugar-butter goodness that makes them what they are.

I have been a little afraid of making them. The fear worsened after the last attempt failed. I felt like I should be able to make them, since I make Grandma Winnie's Butter mints....

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And now I can!

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wordsfromhome said...

Looking at your photo, I can smell them! (Or maybe it is something good wafting out of the kitchen here at Seal of Approval that I smell)
Nevertheless, you have made me hu ngry for orange rolls and I can't get one here.
Congratualtions! I think Grandma Winnie would be proud of you and happy to have passed along a fine family tradition.