Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Happy Birth Day Baby E!

Baby E was born at 4:08pm on August 3rd.  

My sister helped through the delivery again, like she did with CP.  Thanks Mary!

Grandma and Grandpa took the boys while we were at the hospital.

Proud Big Brothers:




Proud Dad

I'm so glad baby E is here and part of our family.  He's so sweet, and we are all in love with him.  CP even licked him a couple of times (I think he was pretending to be a dog).  I'm also glad that I can sleep on my stomach again. :)


Charlotte said...

Happy Birthday to E and to you, mama!! He looks beautiful and perfect and well loved all ready:) Congratulations!!

cc said...

Congratulations! We chose an "E" name as well, wonder if it's the same...

Thanks for the break down you did with cloth diaper laundering and such. It really helped me get started with cloth on this one. Wish I'd done it with the others.


Alice said...


I'm glad I could help. We love cloth diapers!

Emily said...

Oh what a small world. I just ran across your blog after looking at the Utah Deal Diva's yogurt post. I scrolled down, saw some of your pictures -- the rec center and another location I recognized. I wondered if I knew you!? Then I looked at your followers and saw Emily S. Too funny. We used to be in the same ward several years ago! Your posts are so similar to things I've written about on my (private) blog. Too funny. I enjoyed browsing!

Emily said...

No way! I just looked at your other blogs and Tyler Farrer is my bro-in-law!