Thursday, September 23, 2010

Are we in Peru yet?

We took my parents to the Missionary Training Center this past Monday.  They're going to be there for about two weeks, and then they're off to serve in the Lima, Peru Temple.  We're excited for them- this will be quite the adventure.

CP with Grandpa and Grandma outside their "dorm".
The older boys were at school, so we had my parents, my Mister, CP, and baby E.  As we neared Provo, CP said, "are we in Peru yet?"  He knew that's where grandma and grandpa were going, and thought we were taking them all the way there.


Emily said...

Peru, Provo, same difference. :)

wordsfromhome said...

Well, they both start with P and have an 0. On the other hand, one we are anxious to leave, and the other we are anxious to get to.