Tuesday, August 17, 2010

July and August... Where did the summer go?

We've had a busy summer, and I haven't had time/energy/desire to update my blog.  I've been thinking about getting it printed in a book as my journal, so I thought I ought to do better at keeping things up to date.
A few days after we got home from our Ferron Reservoir camping trip (and did I mention I couldn't sleep at night while we were there?  The elevation made it hard for me to breathe), we left again for Baumgartner, the yearly trip we go on with my Mister's side of the family.

We left friday after work and stopped for the night at a truck stop.  I can't believe some trucks idle all night long. 

My Mister and CP floating in the river (it was REALLY cold this year.  I had pictured myself floating in the cool water, and how good that would feel, being large and pregnant and all- but I didn't get in further than my ankles).

All the kids in the hot pool trying to sink my Mister.  

We got home from Baumgartner and started swimming lessons the following Monday.  J and CP both passed their levels.  A will take level two again next year- the boys always repeat the same level several times before advancing.




Next up:  Back to School time.  We have school supplies in abundance, new clothes as needed, and we're all getting rather tired of each other (well mostly, J and A are tired of each other, and the rest of us are tired of hearing them argue).  I used to think it was weird when people would say they couldn't wait for their kids to go back to school.  I hated sending my little kindergartner to school, and was so happy when he was home all summer.  Now with the boys being a little older, and having a little too much "together" time, I've joined the ranks of those who are excited for the kids to go back to school.  

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