Saturday, February 28, 2009

Good Things

-The bulbs are up, there's no stopping spring now.
-I feel pretty good after my 6 mile run this morning.
-I pruned the fruit trees.
-If I'm really lucky, I might just get some new raised beds built today. Maybe.


adam said...

Nice work on the run! I did the rowing machine for 20 minutes today...

Sarah said...

Crochet something and you would have the perfect Mormon mother day! Oh, but you'd have to bake bread too! Any 5 minute dough lurking in your fridge?? You could really go over the top with this! :oD

I'm jealous of your 6 miles because I'm still stuck at 2. Sigh. I'll try not to compare myself to you. I'll try. I will. I will just be glad and not.... oh, fooey! I'm jealous. What else can I say? Especially since you ran it outside. With no baby in tow.

Lucky (said in my best Napolean Dynamite voice).

Allie said...

No crocheting and no 5 minute bread I'm afraid.

Something has to give if I'm spending more time running. :)

You could run 6 miles Sarah- you just need something scary like a half marathon to motivate you.

I didn't have any babies with me, (my Mister had them in the jog stroller a half mile or so ahead of me), but I did have a 7-year-old on his bicycle, which made for some periodic stopping.

Becca said...

Wow! I'm totally impressed! Could I pick your brain about gardening sometime? I don't know where (or when) to begin.