Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Woods Cross Power Plant Update

Davis County Democrats Blog urges us to get involved to stop the West Bountiful Petcoke Plant

Zions bank is backing the project, so if you bank at zions, email Zions Bank CEO scott.anderson@zionsbank.com and let him know that if they support the petcoke plant in west bountiful you will take your business elsewhere.

If you look around on the site I linked to above, you'll find a page with a whole bunch of contact emails. Here's a direct link.

Clean air and healthy lungs are not something to sit back while things play out. Make your voice heard. This is our community, and every voice makes a difference.

There may be some things that our legislature can do to stop the petcoke plant as well, Rep. Roger Barrus is sponsoring a bill to put a moratorium in place that would give us two years before any new plants could be built, to buy us more time. Contact your representatives and encourage them to support Rep. Barrus' bill.

There's a Utah state code which says that the state government can't enact regulations more stringent than federal regulations, and the petcoke plant meets federal regulations, however Rep. Becky Edwards has found that the state can set higher standards if it is documented that the federal standards are not enough to protect the health of utahns.

South davis county has a higher incidence of asthma than anywhere else in Utah, if that's not a sign that federal standards aren't enough, I don't know what is.

Come to the state capital on Wednesday, February 25th at noon (come early, it should be crowded). There will be media there, bring your children, and show that we want higher standards of air quality. We want our children to be able to play outside, and breathe. We will not allow corporate interests to override our health interests.


Cynthia said...

I just wanted to wish you luck. I am a former City Planner for a City 40 minutes south of you. I've seen this fight before. I've fought it myself twice in my own city. I've never seen anyone win it except the power company.

My advice to you would be to know that it isn't all or nothing. If you can't prevent it, then be open to trying to make very stringent conditions for development be placed upon it. I know that would feel like settling but you may have to get what you can. I'm not saying give up- fight the good fight- I'm just saying don't throw your hands in the air and walk away thinking all is lost if they put it in. You can still force them to mitigate some of the worst of the impacts even if you can't stop it. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates on this issue. I look forward to being there the 25th - hopefully with my kids.