Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Parenting Epiphany (again)

It seems like in parenting, I have to learn the same lesson over and over again. Thinking about my brothers post, which I linked to below, and to what I said about (my ideas on) God's ideas of crime and punishment, made me think about how we (people in general, and myself personally) approach disciplining our children.

Are we punishing them for crimes committed, or are we teaching them, correcting behavior that would ultimately cause them pain or difficulty in life? Sometimes kids break things, or are careless, and it's tempting to take out our anger on them, but does that teach them to be more careful in the future or does it just damage our relationship with them?

Here's a random picture of CP, who has discovered capes. He's constantly pulling the dishtowel from the front of the stove and holding it at the back of his neck so I'll tuck it into his shirt. He then runs around saying SooBee (Super Baby), which he got from me, the first time he had a cape on, I flew him around saying "Super Baby!".

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