Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The 12 Days of Turkey (almost)

Another reason to be thankful, dinners that just don't quit.

1- Thanksgiving Dinner
2- Turkey Sandwiches
3- Turkey Noodle Soup
4- Turkey and Broccoli Casserole
5- Turkey Tetrazzini
6- (This is where you pull the other half of the turkey out of the freezer) Mini Thanksgiving Dinner
7- More Turkey Sandwiches
8- More Turkey and Broccoli Casserole (every time I type that it comes out "casserold" must be freudian)
9- More Turkey Tetrazzini
10- If you still have leftover turkey, it's time to add it to the compost pile, because really, who can go 10 days eating turkey every night. (And next year buy a smaller turkey, leftovers are great, but really, don't get carried away... It's not appropriate to eat turkey from 2008 for Thanksgiving 2009.)


derekstaff said...

That's why I made cornish game hens instead of turkey...

Were you serious about the compost pile? I thought you weren't supposed to put meat in compost? Or was that just for vermicomposting?

Allie said...

That was smart.

I found a turkey tetrazzini recipe online that had good reviews, and then of course just used it as a guideline. It turned out okay. Too salty (I should have used the actual recipe a little less I suppose).

That was the end of the bag of turkey, and there's a small chunck left in the freezer which we'll eat for sunday dinner sometime next year when I'm not sick of turkey. So we really only had 5 days of turkey, and I shouldn't complain, everything was different enough that it didn't feel like leftovers, and it made making dinner pretty easy.

Re: Compost. There are lots of "rules" that scare people away from composting. I wouldn't go throwing huge amounts of meat in a small pile, orput meat in at all if animals were likely to make a huge mess of the pile, but small amounts, certainly aren't going to hurt anything. I have an online composting friend who once composted an entire dead deer (roadkill). I think he said it took a year to compost fully- and he has a HUGE pile. It's a common composter's joke to talk about composting ex's so no one would ever find the body. :)

My foray into vermicomposting didn't go well, I didn't ever put meat scraps in for them, but I had too small of a bin (I think) and it dried out too fast.

Someday we'll have an in-ground digester for dog poop, and bones, so I could put meat in there too if I was worried about it in the compost.

derekstaff said...

I honestly don't mind leftovers. But with just the two of us, we just wouldn't be able to get through it fast enough.

(besides, the wife doesn't like leftovers).

Never heard of a "digester." What's that?

Allie said...

Here's a link that has some basic info about digesters. Although they tell you to use their special digester enzyme, I'm not sure if you have to use anything at all, or if you do, you could just use any septic tank enzyme.

swenandbex said...

Your post makes me grateful that I have no idea how to cook a turkey! That way, I'll probably never be asked to bring one to Thanksgiving (then back to my house after :). P.S. Thanks for the shoes! Alyssa loves them!