Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Hunt

I came home from reading at J's school today and looked out the kitchen window. There was a hawk of some sort on the snow in the backyard. I ran upstairs to tell everyone else, and we watched out an upstairs window as it flew over the fence to the next yard. It had something small in it's claws and left a pile of feathers in our yard.

Later, I looked out the kitchen window again, and saw this:

The hawk sat on the fence all morning, but the one in the air was all over the open space, so I only saw it flying behind our house a couple of times.


Sarah said...

Whoa! Totally jealous!!! Super neat!

your bird brain friend

George and WP said...

Might have been a red tailed hawk. They are numerous along the Wasatch Front. Glad to know there is still prey for them.