Friday, April 21, 2006

Moving Day

The chickens are settled in their new house. It's currently in the garage, since they still need the heating lamp and the dog run isn't ready for chickens yet. It will be fun to watch when they can go outside in their run though.

The nesting box and food/water box are blocked off until a)They are old enough to lay eggs, and b)The mister builds the feed/water trough that he is thinking about. For now the feed and water dishes we bought are big enough.
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This picture is from the back end, so you can't see where the door is or the ramp to get up to the door. The door is also blocked off, since we don't want them leaving the house for a couple more weeks.
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They looked so big in the plastic storage bin. Now that they are in a larger space, they look pretty small. We are using sawdust in the floor, and it's great. I haven't cleaned it yet, and it's been three days. It doesn't smell bad and looks clean, since the chickens mix the poop up in the sawdust so well. (Attention woodworkers, we will need more sawdust eventually)

I can hardly wait to start harvesting the compost materials (how often do you get such a nice source of 'greens' and 'browns' so nicely premixed?!), oh, and the eggs too...

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