Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A disgrace to our country (and I thought I was doing so well...)

I received this email from my TrashtoTreasure (kind of like freecycle) group.

If these people want to wave their flag they need to do it in Mexico! I don't illegally move to Mexico and hang my American flag, and expect the hard working citizens there to support MY family! America is so gullible, what about the Legal Citizens rights? WE HAVE NONE! Now if Mexico is so great, why don't they go back and wave their flag where it belongs?
Where is "La Migra" when ya need 'em?
(If you don't like my opinion on this, you are more than welcome to leave my group, because a true American would agree fully!)
See Forwarded Message and Pictures below...

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This combined with other junk email forwards encouraged me to take the group owner up on her invitation to leave the group. I hit reply-all with this:

A true American huh? Last time I checked America included Mexico (and Canada...etc...). I am leaving the group. Not only because of this message, but because I find it very inappropriate for an email list meant for selling/buying items to get used so regularly for forwarding junk.

Fairly innocuous, I thought, and here was the reply I got (along with a message saying my message was not approved, so it was not sent to everyone on the list (bummer):

I am tired of legal citizens paying for these illegals, I am tired of
going to the park with my kids and having my things stolen by people
who cant even speak english, having to listen to circus music. the
only flag that belongs on our schools flag poles is the American
flag. Who pays for your childs education? It sure the hell isnt an
illegal because they dont pay taxes... they just lay around and suck
the life out of America .... Why dont ya just move to Mexico then? If
they want to be Americans they need to act like it.... glad you left
my group I dont need ya
You are a disgrace to our Country...
Sure America is made up of many people of all backgrounds, but when
in America, Wave our flag, not Mexico's
I guess you felt it was ok for those High School Students to disgrace
our American flag by putting it upside down and below the Mexican

Here is my final reply to the group owner:

Whoa! I see this is a hot topic for you. I agree that the students who raised the mexican flag shouldn't have done so. They certainly are not helping their cause by doing such things.
I just dislike seeing all HUMAN BEINGS who have come here the only way they could (because they wanted a better life for themselves) all classified as criminals. Very few break other laws.
The US is made up of people who came here as immigrants. It is because the US has not addressed the immigration issue for so long that we have the problems we do.
Most people who are here illegally do pay taxes, they usually have fake ss numbers and so they also pay into the social security system, which they will never benefit for.
What do you think would happen if all of a sudden we "shipped" everyone back to where they came from? The cheap labor market would be gone, and everything you are so used to buying for so little money would become much more expensive. I can appreciate your frustrations with your experiences with those here illegally, but I don't understand the mentality of calling me a disgrace to my country because I disagree with you.

I don't imagine that's a pleasant way to live life.
Please don't email me again.

It's a little disconcerting having someone call me a disgrace to our country. Of course, if I took anything someone like that had to say seriously, I might really feel sad.

I am disappointed that everyone else on the list didn't get to see my reply (and even better, her very loving reply).


Allie said...

I did end up sending the emails to Doug Wright, of the Doug Write show, as a nominee for his Wacko of the Week, so I'll have to listen in on thursday to see if my nominee makes it!

M.A. said...

Well, at least you're a pretty disgace to the country!

Allie said...

I did mean to comment that I don't support disrespecting our nations flag. If those pictures are real pictures, those students did nothing to help their cause, but they are teenagers! Teenagers don't always think before they act.

I may disagree with quite a bit of how our country is run, but to me, the flag represents the ideals of what our country should be, and what we stand for.

Freedom. Freedom to practice our religion as we see fit. Freedom to speak out against the government if we feel it necessary.