Friday, October 12, 2012

Putting the Garden to Bed, and Storing the Harvest

The last post of the season is up over at fMh.  Go check it out, and learn what you need to do to make sure your garden is ready to go in the spring, as well as how to get your fall harvest to last as long as possible.

Also, it looks like picked up some of my Inner Pioneer posts in their Mormon Report section.  Yea me! 

Now I just need to get out and finish putting my own garden to bed.  I only dug about half the potatoes, and there are a lot more sunflowers out there.  My Mister likes to eat sunflower seeds to keep him awake while driving, so maybe he can eat home roasted ones.  If you have any great flavor suggestions, let me know.

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Lisa said...

Sunflower seeds are Tyson's stay-awake-while-driving snack of choice, too. Wow, our husbands have so much in common(?) - they should probably form a posse of some sort. :-) (You might have guessed than my favorite driving snack is Smartfood Popcorn.)

Your s'mores are cute, too!