Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pinterest Halloween S'mores

I saw a cute halloween treat idea of Pinterest, and thought I'd try it out for my son's halloween party at school.  The original had ghosts, but halloween peeps were really hard to find, so I used what I could get.  I made up my own label for it since the pinterest label said ghosts.
I used a sandwich bag, the snack size would work, but would make the label a little trickier to attach.

Place peep and chocolate on crackers (I broke the chocolate in half so it fit better).

In the microwave the peep gets frighteningly large, but it flattens out when you take it out.


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Kari said...

I didn't know you made those, I LOVED them and was wondering what awesome mom came up with that idea for the class party. Jackson and Ethan already ate them because they were so excited about them and I got a taste of them, yum. Give yourself a "Way to go!" award from me!