Saturday, January 01, 2011

Goals or Resolutions?

I'm not a big fan of New Years resolutions.  Especially the generic ones that get broken by January 2nd.  When the government passes a resolution, we all know it's pretty meaningless.  I do have some goals that I'm working for this year however (some of them are kind of generic, but I like having lots of things on my to-do list because then I have more to cross off- especially when I would have done those things anyway)...

Suburban Homestead Goals:

Help my Mister build a safer chicken coop, and order new chicks in the spring.
Bug my Mister until he builds a beehive (before the bees arrive in april).
Learn how to take care of the bees, and harvest the honey.
Learn about things I can use beeswax for.
Grow and can as much produce as possible.

Other Goals:
Learn to ride my bike outside without falling over or crashing into anyone/anything.
Learn to fix a flat/change a tire
Run a marathon.
Spend less than we earn.
Build our savings.
Get rid of clutter (have a garage sale at some point).
Find ways to spend meaningful time with each kid everyday.
Do one nice thing for my Mister everyday (even if it's just making the bed)
Try to shop local first.
Plan ahead for dinner.


Moly B Denum said...

I have no doubt you'll accomplish everything on your list. you're not lazy like me.

I'm too chicken to list everything I'd like to do this year because there's just so much. I'd get overwhelmed and probably give up on Jan2.

good luck with the bees. I'd like to do bees at some point but I need to reconfigure the garden first.


Alice said...

I'm a little lazy.

I just figure I have a whole year, and if I even do a tiny bit in each area, I'll feel pretty good. I'm good at not being to hard on myself, more than anything. :)

Moly B Denum said...

ha! did you see my comment on my blogpost about being hard on myself?

i should follow your example.

Alice said...

I must have seen it, but didn't (consciously) remember it when typing that comment. :)

Julie said...

One of my goals for the year is appropriate use of my time, including spending more time with my kids and taking the time and effort to make healthy meals for my family.

Charlotte said...

Oh I am so with you on the spending less than we earn resolution! And I love the marathon goal - do you have a particular one picked out? I've heard Utah has some really fun ones! So excited to see how your bee-keeping venture goes too. You really are a suburban homesteader!!

Alice said...

Charlotte- I'm aiming for the Top of Utah marathon in september. I've heard it's a great one for your first...

I was going to try to do the SL marathon in april, but baby E isn't quite ready for a mom in training for a marathon yet.

Julie- I'm thinking about a goal to spend less time online and more time with the kids, but I don't really want to.. It's a problem, I know.

Kara said...

HONEYBEES!!! How exciting! During the summer, I had what I thought was a colony of honeybees take up residence in the overhang of our front porch. I began searching for beekeepers to take them off my hands, and even toyed with the idea of keeping them somehow...until I realized they were yellowjackets. Boo.

You should add to your list of resolutions/goals a brief road trip to Clearfield where I would happily take a photo of your family with all members present and accounted for. Then I'll be one family closer to realizing my life's dream of having ever person on earth photographed with his/her family. :)

Alice said...

We might have to do that Kara. Plus, then I could see your cute house in person. I've heard amazing things about your KSL refurbs.