Monday, January 25, 2010

Kid Funnies

The kids say so many funny things, that I thought I'd better get as many written down as I can before I forget them...

A (age 6) to J (age 8)- they were arguing over something.... "J! You have to learn to love NOT hate!"

A (again) to me, in a concerned voice.... "Mom, sometimes J hates me, then he loves me, then he hates me?!"

CP (age 2) is finally acknowledging his age. "When I'm 5, I'll go to school. But today I'm 2!" (He used to always say he was 5)

CP has been really intent on coloring at church lately. The last few sundays, he'll sit for the whole sacrament meeting and focus really hard on his picture. My Mister sneaked this picture a couple of weeks ago with his phone:

CP does the same thing during nursery, when it's time to color, he's focused on getting every little bit of the picture colored. Last sunday he didn't even want his fruit snacks that we let him have after the sacrament, because he was too busy. He wanted me to draw Lightening McQueen and 'Mater, luckily he's not picky that my pictures aren't the best, he just colors them in.

The music leader in CP's nursery is amazing, CP has been singing, "Families Can Be Together Forever", and "Do as I'm Doing". Those aren't songs we've sung at home recently, so I know it's nursery. The funniest thing is when he starts singing one, gets distracted by a particular word, and switches to a different song, usually the theme song from Thomas the Tank Engine.

Another cute thing A has been doing lately... In his nightly prayers, he asks for Grandma and Grandpa to be safe on their mission, and to do good work, but he also has started saying, "please bless the people in Haiti that they'll be better from their earthquake, and please bless the earth that there won't be any more earthquakes". He is such a sweet thoughtful kid.

J is getting older (he's 8!), so he doesn't say funny things as much as he used to. He's working hard in school, and playing Jr. Jazz basketball. Sometimes I look at him and wonder why he's being such a brat, :) and other times I look at him, and realize how little he still is. He really is a mature kid, and is easy to reason with. He acts older than he is so much of the time, that when he acts like an 8-year-old, it's frustrating. I'm just glad that he still asks if he can "snuggle me" when he's upset, and that he likes to see me at school.


Criscell said...

Those are so awesome! What a good mom to write them down. How are you guys these days?

Alice said...

We're great! Thanks.

The snow has mostly melted, and has me fooled into thinking spring is on it's way. I'm not going to disappoint myself by telling me that it's not true.