Monday, January 25, 2010

I wish it were Summer stew

I'm tired of winter. So for dinner I fixed Moroccan Summer Stew. (although I forgot that I usually put potatoes in it)

Technically this would have to be called "I wish it were summer, stew", since only the canned tomatoes were from the garden. It's better with fresh food, but the zucchini called to me from across the produce section, and dinner was born.

The kids are not in love with it. They actually eat it, but only with much coercing. Their main objection is the zucchini. I reminded them of zucchini season when we eat zucchini nearly every day, and told them that they should consider this a warm up (they didn't appreciate that). After all, if you eat something enough times, you'll probably start to like it (especially if it's actually very good).

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