Monday, April 20, 2009


It's finally spring, the chicks have been doing fine with our older hen, and I've been feeling pretty good, then this weekend, I felt so frenzied with all the activities we had, and feel a little overwhelmed with all the stuff going on this week, and My Mister heading to Moab for a few days.  

Add on today's events and I'm ready to climb into bed.  This morning I took the chicks out to the coop and left them there.  Several hours later I hear much squawking, and run out to see Taja over one of the chicks.  I have no idea how they got out.  The one I caught her with seems to be okay, but will need some antibiotics and to be separated so the other chicks don't peck her injury.  She's missing most all the feathers on her back, and might have some small puncture wounds.  After I brought that chick inside, I noticed that there were only two of the small chicks in the kennel.  I looked inside the hen house, and they weren't there either, so I started looking around the yard and eventually found two piles of feathers on opposite sides of the yard.  We're down to the older hen and three chicks now, assuming the injured one survives.  

Then this afternoon, J arrived home from school with a sore on his lip- where he said another boy slapped/punched him.  There was apparently also a headlock involved- having something to do with J getting off the bus before him.  I hate speaking on the phone and having to confront people, so this was not easy for me, but I called the boy's mom to talk to her about it.  It went okay, and I hope that it doesn't happen again.

I'm in the mood where I'd like to go to sleep and have a good dream and maybe not wake up until life calms down a bit.


Charlotte said...

Oh I'm so sorry Al! Esp. about J. Nothing worse than seeing your own lil' chick come home wounded. Good for you for calling the other mom though! Hope both chicks heal:)

Sarah said...

Poor chickies. Did Taja eat the other one? Or did something else get her?

This has not been our year (or two) for good chicken health! We need to bring in a chicken psychologist to help us all (and our feathered friends) cope with the trauma. What do you say?

Criscell said...

Oh I'm SO sorry, Alice! What a BAD day! I hear ya. Must be a bad month, eh?

derekstaff said...

Sounds pretty crazy. Given some of my childhood experiences, I particularly dread the thought of bullying and childhood conflicts. I hope things get a little less stressful.

Allie said...

It's amazing what good sleep, and talks with the other parent will do.

There was another scuffle yesterday (involving a headlock and name calling apparently), so I called the boys parents (again), and this time the dad brought the boy over so we could talk about what the problem was.

Hopefully that stops it. If it doesn't, I think I'm going to have to report it to the school.

The remaining chicks all seem fine, I've put the injured one back in with the others and they don't seem to be picking on her.

Taja is fine, although we took her to the vet yesterday for another reason and found out she has a thyroid problem (she's gained 10% of her body weight since our last visit and she's losing hair- more than just spring shedding). She's going to have to be on medication. :)

George said...

Sorry to hear too. By the way Max had to have thyroid treatments, similar problems.

Keep us informed about J. That is very troubling. Glad the father is responsive in a positive way.