Monday, April 27, 2009

Baking Day

A spurt of energy, aging bananas and lack of things to eat results in this:

I had to open the oven to take this picture.  Whole Wheat Bread

Banana Bread

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Artisan Bread Dough (to put in the fridge and bake later in the week)


Marcy said...

Totally impressed and want that banana bread in the worst way right now! lol

George said...

Happy are those who have one of the loves on the counter and not just a photo. Thanks!

derekstaff said...

Not fair! My whole wheat never looks like that. They tend to resemble a brick. Sigh.

Good for you!

Kaspar said...

wow! You're amazing! Sorry about the noshow on Friday. We spent the day at Red Butte Garden.

Allie said...

Derek- do you grind your wheat or use store-bought wheat flour? Freshly ground wheat makes a huge difference.

If I was using store-bought wheat flour I'd only use 50/50 white/wheat flour.

I'll have to copy my recipe for you- it's for beginners and has extensive directions, very hard to mess up.

Shantell- no worries about friday, I'm glad you didn't come over before we got back, we were running late and I thought we might have missed you. Maybe this week?

artemisandollie said...

Nice! Totally impressed with your bread, alliegator!

Alice said...

Thank you CWC. I'm still learning.