Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another grocery post, sorry..

Milk was on sale at Smiths Market Place this week for less than Costco, so I decided to go there today instead of costco next week.  

Smiths doesn't break down the receipt like other stores, but before coupons started coming off, the total was pretty close to $90.  

I paid exactly $20.  

The kids soaps and cheerios were free, the knox gelatin and the salsa were -$2 (so buying them subtracted a total of $14 off my bill).  We don't use store bought salsa, but I figured we can donate them to the food bank or give them away.  There were also special deals on the quaker things that made them between 50 cents and $1 per box.


Charlotte said...

WTG, supershopper!! Question: where do you get your coupons? Sunday paper? Online? For some reason our Sunday paper SUCKS when it comes to coupons and I haven't found a decent place online to get them either...

Allie said...

I get some from the sunday paper. I don't actually get the paper, I get one set of coupons from my mom, and another from my friend Natalie (Hi Natalie- want some pace salsa?).

I've decided I don't want to keep posting the coupon stuff on my blog, so I started another blog (a girl can never have too many blogs, right?) I'm not posting every single deal I get there, just my general savings, but I have links on the side to where I get the coupons. There are a few sites and blogs that I read regularly and they have links to print coupons, as well as match up in store sales with the coupons so I don't have to.

Utah Deal Diva said...

I LOVE it!!!