Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Remember That Time....

From my friend Becca's blog...Just write a memory you have with me or our family. If you leave one, we'll assume you're playing and we'll come leave one on your blog too... Happy remembering!


Charlotte said...

Oh Al! I have SO many great memories of you!! Let's see, top faves:
1. When you introduced me to cowboy junkies, sitting on the floor of our apartment and sorting through your CDs.
2. "Felicity and Fried Chicken" night
3. The only roommate I had that would eat tofu with me.
4. 80's dance night, where we all dressed up and crimped our hair.
5. That night we all dyed our hair and you and I finally managed to talk Jessie out of her two-tone hair.
6. That night you lectured me about G. and then made me write out all my resolutions. I still have that paper:)
7. The night you told me about Kyle.
8. The night (two weeks later?) when you told me you were engaged to Kyle!
9. You hula-hooping in our living room.

Good times:)
PS> No need to leave a comment on my blog as I really don't share that part of me with my readers.

Allie said...

Oh Miss Char! That brought back a lot of good memories. I was just thinking I needed a hula hoop.


Emily said...

I remember the first time we met. In gym class. I was the new girl who came mid-year and felt totally out of place. We were both line leaders and had to give the names of the people absent in our row. I remember thinking, "Oh, there's another short, small girl just like me. Maybe she'll be my friend." And wouldn't you know it we did. It is my first memory of you.
I also remember sleeping over in your camper, watching The Changling, making (or attempting) mints, and singing, "Rand Lunceford. I just met a boy named Rand Lunceford..." Not all on the same day of course.

Lisa said...

I have so many good memories of/with you! I know we have reminisced about this before, but I liked wen we would go to your house together after high school, get a snack (likely microwave popcorn or twinkies) and go upstairs to sit in your banana chairs and watch "Remington Steele". Maybe we would follow that up with sitting on your roof and talking about one of those certain people (and there were a few of them) that we had ill-advised simultaneous crushes on. I think we loved it when people said we looked alike. We wore the same clothes, borrowed clothes, dyed our hair, traveled...all these things, we did together. Thanks for all the good times!

Kari said...

I remember buying candy at Albertson's and you said it was for your cousin and what kind would I like if I was getting it? So I told you all my favorites and in the end you surprised me by giving it to me for my birthday. I remember being "forced" to go to a movie with you and Hooray! for that because how much would that have stunk if we had missed out on being friends? I remember Amazing Fruit and chips and salsa (what a combination!). Mostly I remember how much laughing we have done together over the years.

swenandbex said...

I loved the Lethal Luau, where you were the lovely model with a mean streak and a terrible temper. It was so funny to me that you were playing that character because you are so sweet and kind.