Sunday, December 02, 2007

Here are some recipes for some fancy gourmet baby foods (and you can say you made them yourself!)

Making homemade baby food is difficult...

Peach Pie

Combine the following: Baby cereal, a scoop of formula (used as a weight gainer), mashed peaches (home canned), and water or breast milk.

Green Bean Casserole

Baby cereal, a scoop of formula (used as a weight gainer), mashed beans (home canned), and water or breast milk.

Banana Bread Pudding

Baby cereal, a scoop of formula (used as a weight gainer), mashed bananas, and water or breast milk.

You get the idea.

Next week we're trying a sweet potato dish. (steamed sweet potatoes, peeled, mashed, and thinned with a bit of water or breast milk (with some formula as a weight gainer).

(My baby wasn't gaining weight fast enough if you were wondering. He's fine though.)


N said...

This is- brace yourself-my FIRST blog comment!
Anyway, I've actually been feeding LG those very types of things! Up until last week, I've exclusively been cooking and freezing my own vegetables. After making pie for Thanksgiving I realized that Libby's 100% pumpkin makes for good baby "pumpkin pie": canned pumpkin, scoop of formula/breastmilk, and oatmeal (or rice) cereal. LG loves it! I don't add any sugar or anything. He doesn't know the difference. Yet:)

Allie said...

I feel all special being the first blog you've posted on!

Good idea about the pumpkin. I haven't ever thought of that.

crazy4danes said...

Wow...I wish my son was still a baby! And I wish I would have had those recipes when he was! I like the pumpkin pie one too :)

andrewsmiracledrug said...

Allie - thanks for posting that. Though I'm a man, I was disturbed by Sister Beck's talk (and yes, I know that probably reveals more about me than her).
It's reassuring to read President Hinckley's statement which suggest greater understanding and sympathy than I sensed in Sister Beck's talk.

Allie said...

Andrew- I'm sure you meant to post that on my "To the Women of the Church" post.

(Thanks for the comment!)