Friday, March 30, 2007

Story Hour

We weren't in there for an hour, it just seemed like it. I've read that children who wear cloth diapers toilet train faster than children who wear disposables. I think it's because parents get tired of changing cloth diapers faster than they get tired of changing disposables... :)

It's really not so bad, but for some reason I keep thinking that he's old enough to be using the toilet. He's old enough to tell me that he doesn't like his "new" diapers after all. He just doesn't get it. He can sit on the toilet for 20 minutes (it's good reading time- even my 5-year-old joined in on the fun) and do nothing but toot (which he does get excited about!) and then five minutes into a clean diaper, he "goes". It's driving me crazy.

How do I get him to do his duty on the potty? He does make some nice faces while he pretends to poop. It reminds me of my friend whose little boy said to her "don't strain yourself".


WP said...

Pretty sweet post Allie!

Allie said...

We did have a success this evening just before bed. We all cheered and the little guy was very pleased with himself (he was also happy because he got a piece of candy).

Natalie said...

I was telling a friend today that I believe the key to potty training is that the mom needs to go insane. So insane that she thinks that she may sell her diaper-loving child to gypsies or put him in foster care. The child picks up on the insane-mom vibe, and, to save himself from living with gypsies, quickly learns to go in the potty. And, then, he only has accidents every 10 to 12 hours, until we repeat the insane mom syndrome. Works like a charm.

Or, you can buy him a bike. That worked for us, too.