Thursday, March 08, 2007

In for the long haul...

Several months ago, I discovered gdiapers and posted about them on my blog. I decided that they would work great with cloth inserts instead of the flushable inserts, and that not only would diapering the new baby be more earth-friendly, but it would also be more budget-friendly.

Since then, my fear of cloth diapering and my Mister's lack of enthusiasm over the idea (will I have to change the poopy ones?) kind of sent me back to the do-nothing-different approach, which meant disposables because I can buy them at the grocery store (or costco) and that is much easier than buying something online (I hate paying for shipping).

A few weeks ago my sister gave me a baby gift which included a starter set of gdiapers. If I had those, it would be silly not to use them, so pushed into action, I ordered 2 dozen prefold diapers and a couple more covers (and I got free shipping! Ha!).

I also ordered a toddler-sized cloth diapering package, since if I'm washing cloth diapers for one baby, I might as well wash cloth diapers for two-plus I'm hoping that my three-year-old will decide that it's uncomfortable to actually feel wet and decide the toilet isn't so awful after all.

I've been researching cloth diapering ever since the first package of newborn-sized covers arrived in the mail, and I've learned that you don't necessarily have to dunk and swish in the toilet (a huge plus in my book). Newborn poop "washes out like yogurt" (good to know, but I might not be making yogurt anymore...) and there are these cool flushable liners that you can use for solid-food-eating infants....

My Mr. is an easy going sort of person, and recognizes a good deal when he sees one. We've been spending approximately $30/month on diapers for the last three years (double that if you count child #1). That is $1080 spent on diapers. That we throw away. We figure for cloth diapers, we will spend approximately $350 total. I've already spent about $175 but that is on small sized diapers and the biggest sized diapers we will need, so I think the $350 is being generous. That's $730 difference! Imagine what I could buy with that! (My Mr. is imagining motorcycle stuff, and we'll let him imagine whatever he wants as long as he changes plenty of diapers)

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Natalie said...

I am so glad I am past this stage. Yesterday, while I was grocery shopping, my cart had a pullups add in it. I rejoiced!

However, I look forward to loving and cherishing your little guy, especially if he is as cute as the first two.

Also, in a weird coincidince, my two closest friends, who do not know each other, both have chickens. So, I am officially introducing you. Allie, meet DaltonGirl.