Friday, August 04, 2006

Two little worms...

...can become a million little worms in just a year. I find that amazing. My worms (who live under the kitchen sink) will never reproduce at that rate because their home is much too confined. I do think that they have doubled since I got them this past spring though.

Here's an interesting article about how worms can do their part (if we let them) to keep the planet healthy...

Happy Worms

I know it sounds kind of crazy that I keep worms under my kitchen sink. The mister is not overly-pleased with the arrangement, but he puts up with it. It doesn't smell, except when you open the lid, and even then I think it's a nice earthy smell. I fill the worm bin (made out of a small rubbermaid tote) with food scraps and dampened shredded paper every month or so. It would be nice to have a much larger worm bin that would be able to handle all of the food scraps we produce, but anything bigger wouldn't fit under the sink.

Here are instructions for making your own bin. It's fun for kids (and educational), and it will make your garbage can smell better (no rotting food in there).

Worms make very quiet, unobtrusive pets. Plus, their poop will fertilize your house plants.

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