Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Political Favors

Since Mayor Briggs is leaving, tonight at the city council meeting they will be interviewing the applicants for his replacement. I believe there are seven. Two of them are from the current city council.

I was given the idea that one of the city council members kind of thought that two of the others (thus making the majority) were going to support him for mayor in exchange for his support on the NSL name change issue.

It appears that may not be the case now.

It really bothers me that politics work that way. People shouldn't vote based on who can help them out the most later. People should vote based on what they really believe, and what the people they are supposed to be representing believe. A post on Woods Cross Citizens blog awhile back has some really good comments along those lines.

This post is about Senator Hatch's flag burning amendment that was not supported by Senator Bennett. Some interesting ideas there.


Natalie said...

Good post - I'll take integrity any day. And, I've got my fingers crossed that we'll end up with a good mayor. Of the list, I can think of one that would be fabulous, and three others that would do well. The odds are with us!

I must say, no one will be as good as Mayor Briggs - those are big shoes to fill. But, to (kind of)quote Gloria Gaynor, We Will Survive.

Tyler Farrer said...

It's very important that you name names. Who is going to support the name change?

Natalie, you're supporting Conrad Jacobson, right?

Natalie said...

Right, I am supporting Conrad Jacobson, as he is the best choice. I have worked closely with Conrad, and I really admire him.He would represent us very well - very intellegent and level headed. From my limited information, I also think that Jim Dixon or Stan Porter would do a good job. I don't know George Watanabe at all, but I've heard good things about him. I don't know any of the others (except Lynn Ballard, who I think has a good heart, but would not be the best ambassador for our fair city). I know that Conrad does not support the name change. I assume that Lynn and Shana S. do support the name change. Stan has mentioned that instead of changing the name, we should ask Bountiful to annex us in. But in our weak mayor system of government, the mayor does not get a vote unless it is to break a tie. The best chance the city has to defeat the name change (besides LWB, MH & LB changing their minds) is if Lynn becomes mayor and someone who does not support the name change is appointed to the council in his stead. But I will not advocate for that, because I think it might cause more problems than it solves.

Natalie said...

And the mayor is Shana Schaefermeyer - I don't know her, but I have heard only good things about her, and I am sure she will do a wonderful job.