Friday, September 21, 2012

Product Preview: In search of the perfect lunch container

I've been searching for over a year now for the perfect container to send homemade yogurt to school with my kids for lunch.  I've looked at lots, and found a few that might work, but they just cost so much that I hadn't yet bit the bullet and bought them.

Enter Preserve.  The containers are made from recycled #5 plastics (things like yogurt cups).  Kind of fitting to use recycled yogurt cups to store my homemade yogurt.

At 3.99 for two or 9.99 for ten, they're inexpensive enough that I don't worry so much about sending them to the school lunch room.  Plus they're super cute.  I'll report back after I get them and we've tried them out a few times.

The website sells toothbrushes and razors (and the neat thing about these, is that you send them back when you're done and they recycle them to make more), kitchen items and tableware.  

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