Wednesday, February 01, 2012


This is what happens when you have 20 minutes before dinner has to be on the table, you haven't been grocery shopping all month, and you spent an afternoon in a Las Vegas hotel room watching Chopped on Food Network (I wish Netflix had food network shows, but it's probably good it doesn't).  It's kind of hard to make something fancy in 20 minutes with food storage food, but here it is...

Salmon Patties with white rice and dill sauce, and broccoli.  My kids thought it was fun anyway.

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Franziska Patterson said...

Haha, I watched 3 episodes of "chopped" yesterday. But I always just sit there and think I could never come up with anything in 20-minutes (there's a reason I take Sunday afternoon to plan the meals for the week for a few hours).

I think you came up with something awesome!