Sunday, January 01, 2012

Spend Nothing Month

Sort of.

I like the idea of a spend nothing month- figuring out how to make do with what I have, and really thinking about what a necessity is.  Of course, it's not really practical (or possible, depending on your situation) to spend absolutely no money, bills will come, and we have to eat, but for the month of january we're going to spend as little as possible.  We'll get our milk delivery, and set aside a small amount of cash for groceries that we need- and once it's gone, it's gone.  The idea is to really consider where you're spending your money, and whether it is improving your life enough to be worth the cost.

There's one SIL weekend planned that I'm not counting (though I'm going to be careful with expenses that weekend).

Kind of a cleanse for the budget and the influx of stuff (most of it wonderful and much loved) at Christmas.

Anyone want to try it too?


Julie said...

I'm intrigued, especially since the outflow of money over the last several months has been terrible! I don't know if I could do it. I'll have to ponder.

Alice said...

You can do a similar thing by doing a cash month- set amounts you will spend for various areas of your budget, and then get cash for them.

I'm thinking I'll have to buy some fresh produce, and make cookies more so that there are things for the kids to snack on. That will be our biggest challenge- well- and feeding baby E. He's gotten really picky since the mad dash of all-teeth-coming-in-at-once started.

Dorene said...

It would be good for us to try this - though we have three birthdays in our family this month. Maybe besides those, we can do it. I'm sure Nate would appreciate me at least trying!

Alice said...

We have one birthday this month. I bought stuff for it last month (which kind of seems like cheating, but I'm not going to sacrifice a friend-birthday year just for spend nothing month..).