Thursday, October 06, 2011

Thanks again to Home Storage Skills for the idea.  I washed and quartered the pears (and I took the stems off since stems in grape juice does affect the flavor of the juice), and cooked them for 2 hours in my steam juicer.  With grapes 2 hours gets jut about all the juice out, but the pears had hardly cooked down at all.  I could have given them another hour, but I decided to call it good.  I didn't want to cook so much of the juice out that the sauce had no flavor left.  After they cooled a bit in the juicer, I scooped everything into the strainer, and ended up with 4 quarts of juice (plus a little that we drank already- it's delicious) and 6 quarts of sauce- which is still on the runny side.  I really probably should have cooked the pears for another hour in the juicer.  The sauce was still plenty sweet.


click clack gorilla said...

You know I've always been curious about juicing that way. I use a centrifuge (sp?) juicer and am absolutely in love with it. Though it probably wastes more of the fruit (that gets shot out in the form of dry pulp that doesn't seem to be good for much but the chickens and the compost) than what you're using. Hmmm.

Alice said...

When I make grape juice, all the pulp just gets dumped in the garden. I think the main difference is flavor. The type of juicer you are using probably preserves more of the nutrients. The steam juicer makes it easier to can, since you put the hot juice into hot jars- you just put the lids on and they seal as they cool down.