Thursday, July 21, 2011

The good things about coming home from vacation

A neighbor picked the blackcaps for us while we were gone, but there were still more ready.

I knew the beans would be more than ready, since they started blossoming a couple of days before we left.  I got a 5 gallon bucket full this morning.  We'll eat some for dinner (is it okay to have a dinner be JUST green beans?) and can the rest.  The first picking is usually smaller than the rest, so I'm expecting a lot of beans from our patch. 

There is one tiny artichoke on the artichoke plant.  I'm watching to see if it gets bigger.  Hopefully it starts producing more so we can eat them for dinner soon.  One day I'm going to plant several down the middle of a raised bed.  They'll take up the whole thing, but I love them enough that it's worth it.

The squash plants are flowering and sending our runners.  Some of them are now touching each other, which is good for my plan to hopefully keep rats out of my corn.

The indoor volunteer cherry tomato has two red tomatoes on it.

The outdoor tomatoes are still green, but getting bigger.

Apricots need to be picked.  It's a small crop this year thanks to the weird spring and some late freezes, but we'll take what we can get.  

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