Friday, June 10, 2011

Garden Update/Happy Friday

I haven't had my camera around lately, but I finally went out with my phone and took some pictures.  The corn and beans are up, a little (although I just chased some boys (not my own) out of my garden, what was up with that?).  A couple of squash plants around the perimeter are up, but I'm getting a little worried that not more are sprouting yet.  My plan was to have a barrier of squash vines surrounding the corn and beans to discourage critters from going in and eating all the corn again this year...

One of the few pumpkin plants that are up.

Black Caps.  They've liked all the rain apparently, because I haven't seen them so healthy in years.  I need to make sure I continue to water them so we get good berries.  One of my longer-term goals involves getting starts of these berries for my own garden.  It's a very old variety, they're seedy, but they taste sooo good.

Our bees are loving the black cap blossoms.  Look close, lower, middle of the picture.

Artichoke plant- I'm counting on lots of artichokes.  (I'd better get one good sized meal out of it anyway.)

Peas.  I planted these early, and they didn't do anything, but they're finally taking off, and blooming, so we should get peas here soon.

Strawberry patch.  It's nearly filled the whole raised bed.  The berries are looking nice, shouldn't be too much longer until we're picking strawberries too!

Chickens. They must sense what's coming, they all tried to hide from me.

My Mister found this in the free section of KSL classifieds.  We'll hook a hose up (and clean it really good) and use it for our work station tomorrow when the roosters buy the farm.  Taja is enjoying sniffing around the garden, it was hard to get pictures, because she wanted to be in so many of them.  Silly dog.

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