Tuesday, March 01, 2011

It's a March Miracle!

I posted back in January about our indoor gardening.  It was pretty much a big flop.  Mainly because I stink at watering things.  The only reason I'm halfway decent with outdoor gardening is because of a happy little invention known as the automatic watering system.  The peas actually were in a self watering container that we WAY overfilled, and I think the seeds rotted.  We do have a nice crop of some kind of weed growing there now.  It looks nice, so I'm leaving it where it is.  The lettuce and stuff grew, but not very well (plants do need regular water).  The grape vines sat and sat and did nothing.  NOTHING.  The website I learned about propagating grapes from said they'd sprout in a couple of weeks.  Well, today my 3-year-old wanted to water the plants (he waters them more regularly than anyone else does), so I said sure!  I was a little worried he'd spill water everywhere, so I followed him into the greenhouse to help him out, and I saw leaves on two of the grape cuttings.

Of course, my camera is still MIA, so here's a picture from the website I got the idea from.  Of course, my grapes aren't this big yet, they both just have one tiny leaf, but they're growing!  I'll have my old unknown* grape variety when we move.  Nothing makes grape juice like these babies!
Picture from http://www.gardenhive.com/fruit/grapes/propagate/stem-cuttings/

*Officially unknown.  As I wrote in my earlier post, they're called Agwumps, but I can't find any information on any grapes with a name anywhere close to that.  They've been growing in this location for more than 40 years.  I need to find out more information about them.  Why do you always think of things you'd like to ask your grandmother when she's not around to ask anymore?


Charlotte said...

Yayayay! My toddler adores watering things too... like her brothers;)

wordsfromhome said...

We have lived there more than 37 years, and they were very old when we moved in. I would expect they had been there, at a minimum 20 years before that. Probably quite a bit longer.

Alice said...

Any idea who might have planted them?