Friday, December 17, 2010


Perhaps the rest of the year, when I don't think so much about buying STUFF, it's easier to not think about those who can't buy necessities, let alone, STUFF.  It hurts my heart to think of anyone sleeping outside right now.  I just walked around the corner to pick my preschooler up from his playgroup, and by the time I got home my fingers were freezing.  

If it hurts your heart too, consider making a donation to The Road Home.  You can donate money online, you can also drop off in-kind donations at:
 210 South Rio Grande Street (455 West)

Salt Lake City
Some of the things they need the most are: all sizes of hats, jackets, coats, socks, (new) underwear, blankets, larger sizes of diapers, towels, pillows.  There is a whole list of things they are in need of.


Laurie said...

Off the topic of your post... but I just wanted to say hi! And thank you for your comment on my blog, about not ever having a girl. I appreciate your thoughts. I hope for the same as you.
And you have a good looking family of boys!

Alice said...

You have some good looking boys also. :)

It's funny how many families seem to be all-girl or all-boy these days. I wonder if I just notice it more, or if there really are more...