Saturday, October 02, 2010

Getting back to normal?

Aside from the thoughts that perhaps I now have more children than I can really handle (I really only think that between 3:30 and 5:30 pm on school days), I think we're adjusting to having a new baby.  Here's the evidence:
I got new bread pans several months ago, but hadn't ever used them.  They're narrower and longer than regular bread pans, which work well for sandwiches to send to school with my boys.

Can you believe these were made with freshly ground 30-year-old wheat?  Go food storage!


Lori B. said...

You're an inspiration!
Now, you can change your blog to building a simpler life around 4 boys and you will have arrived:)
Thanks for the DuHah moment, too. SO true!
Love, Lori:)

wordsfromhome said...

Wish my bread looked as good as yours! But I do not have any fresh ground 30 year old wheat. Not even store bought whole wheat flour. Just white with a little bran and oatmeal thrown in.