Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Why I still read the Trib comments....

Usually the comments on articles are mormon bashing, and I try (unsuccessfully) to not read them.  This article, although not funny in itself (I don't advocate laughing at people who get attacked with shovels, really!), had the best comments.  My Mister and I sat last night (granted it was late) and laughed so hard we were nearly crying.

Check out the articleHERE, and if you need a link directly to the comments it's HERE

Rereading them this morning, they're not quite so rolling-on-the-floor-funny, but still amusing.

Here are the comments just in case they disappear from online...

This is the kind of headline newspaper people fantasize about!

A shovel? He may have been planning on more than urinating. (having a dog that we do poop scoop duty for, this one is my favorite)

It will be interesting when the name of the criminal is released.

I wondered where all my neighbors moved to.

Never bother a man urinating on your lawn while he is holding a shovel.

Looks like someone needs to be more discreet with their public urination. Its a skill that takes time, but once mastered, the world can become your urinal..

Not for the women :-(

Men have the power to water down bugs while camping and can write their name in the snow with urine. Maybe thats why "MEN" think they should rule the world.


adam said...

They're not that bad if you stay away from anything even remotely connected to the church, which includes all of the legislature, education, and alcohol-related articles.

Charlotte said...

Oh you are so right!! That made my day. Hilarious:)

Emily said...

Ha, ha! I liked the one about the candle light vigil! Ha, Ha! I'm still laughing

George said...

The comments were better than the article. There are some talented people who read the Trib and comment. I understand the Desperate News is laying people off and struggling. W/O the C News they likely would fold. Seems the Cannon brother running it is only qualified by his name and cannection to the powers