Thursday, September 27, 2007

Toy Recall

It's scary how many toys have been recalled recently. It makes me angry that companies that we trust to provide safe products for children have been so negligent. I don't think any of the recalls affect us, although we might have one thomas train piece that has been recalled- I'm not sure because our train set is packed away currently (I'll print out the recall sheet and tape it to the box), but how do I know that all of the other toys are really safe? Maybe they just haven't been tested.

It's tempting to throw out all toys made in china. I'm going to get rid of all the dollar store type toys that we have, and the name brand things, I'll be watching the CPSC Recall Page for updates.


Tyler Farrer said...

One more reason to support free trade all around.

One example is the country of Columbia, which has made tremendous changes in the last five years.

Congress is being asked to ratify a a free trade agreement with Columbia. This is a good thing for business here.

Wouldn't you rather your toys to come from this hemisphere? Your toys could have been made by a country that is a proven friend of the U.S. instead of an avowed enemy.

Allie said...

I like to buy locally (or somewhat locally) wherever possible.

(so yes, I'd rather have toys from this hemisphere)

Allie said...

hmm... That's all my dad needs is another stipulation on buying toys for the grandkids...

He already can't buy them things with batteries anymore.

Should I add "nothing made in china"?

WP said...

Is anyone buying their toys from Iran or Syria? Who is the avowed enemy? Colombia sends us a lot of cocaine Tyler. Maybe they will try to smuggle it in with their toy shipments.

wordsfromhome said...

I like the idea of toys specially made by Grandpa. But the shopping trips a are big part of the fun. The boys can't really hang out in the woodshop with you while you make toys.

Tyler Farrer said...


As I said, the last five years have shown improvement for Columbia. They are no longer sending us a lot of cocaine.

The government is cracking down (no pun intended on 'cracking').

Besides, I don't let my kids play with cocaine like I do their toys.