Friday, September 22, 2006


It seems like a lot of people get defensive when it comes to "illegal" immigrants taking "their" jobs (as if they themselves were trying to get hired at mcdonalds or as field workers). All sense of charity that so many in the country felt toward those in asia after the tsunami, or toward victims of hurricane katrina seem to go out the window. Where have we been told that acts of charity should exclude any particular group of people?

If we show a little kindness to people who are not in the US legally, are we doing something so very bad? It's so easy to group people so that we don't have to remember that they are human. If we can just call them all "illegals" it justifies our treating them poorly.

Have you ever stopped to think about an individual? There but the grace of God go I. How did I get so blessed to live the life I do? How would you hope other people might treat you if you had been born into a slum in south america somewhere? What if you were so desperate for a way to support your family, that you sneaked across the border? Would you want to be treated as less-than-human?

My dad posted this letter on his blog. It's from a young friend who was here in the US illegally, and got into some trouble (speeding tickets I believe) and was arrested and deported. My dad saw something in him beyond what most other people saw. He showed love and compassion, and look at the result...

I believe there is a reason for everything, there is a purpose for me being here in Peru and there is a purpose for everything that had happened to me in the course of my life.

I cannot understand why since I have being a little boy had a sense of belonging to something bigger and the presense of the spirit was always around me for diferent reasons I guess the lord want me to take care of a lot of things so he put me in the family I belong. for some reason it is my call to help my brothers my mom and my dad. is not something I decided to do it is just natural to me to do because the lord decide it was my call and for some reason I know it is.
I cannot say why but that is how it is I cannot complain because of that the lord always blessed me more than all my brothers and my family. I was always happy even in the bad times and always was able to help them even with money to go to the US. I can say that the lord always give the tools to do wath he wants me todo till the point I was not worry about money or food, because even when I used all my resourses to help others the lord somehow returned to me ten times more what I give to others over and over so I can say I always did good here in Peru even when things where so hard and jobs were so low and all it was because of the lord and his miracle ways to acomplish his purposes.

I feel very blessed George I love you and respect you a lot even more than my natural father. we are so a like that I know you understand my feelings, how I think my goals, dreams and plans. and that is why I feel very happy and atached to you. I can say that I see my self in you only that you are thousends better than me but I hope some day be as you are. and put others first than my self, just be focus on the gospel and the kingdom of the lord. so far this life is just temporary and a tiny piece of sand compared to the eternity of the kingdom of our heavenly father.

In my short 30's I can say I have being through a lot but at the same time I can say that my life had being full of privileges compared to others I have a lot. I'm rich as you said. in fact I feel I'm wealthy. I'm so happy because of the knowledge I have about the gospel. I'm priviledge to be a member of this wonderful church while other people are lost in the darkness of this world, I have the light and the guidance of the spirit the Malchisedec priesthood. I'm married to a wonderful woman will be soon sealed in the temple and will give the priesthod to my brother Renzo, as you can see and rich and blessed.

I know some people think they are not priviledge because they have being born in south america in a third world country where things are so hard and there is too much poverty, but I feel blessed because I know the road to the kingdom of my heavenly father it is not easy so i do not pretend to live in a fantasy world where everything is easy and you have everything that way you cannot apreciate what you have.

I'm looking forward to be there with you and my kids when they called you grandpa. I will let them know about you and let them know what I learned from you and how you helped others. I will show George Jr. how to be as his grandpa. and I will always set the example talking about you. they will go to missions and will bring souls to the lord. and all that will be possible because you helped this lost soul and rescue it from the darkness when others saw just another ilegal in trouble you extended your lovely hand to me helping me not expecting anything in return just showing the pure love of jesuschrist you have in your heart.

I will see you soon in the temple when I'll be sealed with Vanezza and you will be in my heart and toughs when i'll be giving the priesthood to Renzo. remember that all that is going to be posible because you decided to help just another ilegal in trouble who will never deserve all that you are doing for him. you have changed my life forever you are the biggest miracle in my life.

How dare I ever take my life for granted. I have so much. Everyone has struggles, but mine in comparison to so many people around the world, are miniscule. I don't worry about having food to eat. I even get to eat in nice restaurants sometimes. I don't worry about shelter, and I have the luxury of sitting on a leather couch. When it is cold, the heater comes on automatically. When it is hot, the air conditioner kicks on. When I am sick, I can see a competent doctor without much hassle. On and on I go, living my life concerned with my own concerns, when they are nothing.

I feel blessed because I know the road to the kingdom of my heavenly father it is not easy so i do not pretend to live in a fantasy world where everything is easy and you have everything that way you cannot apreciate what you have.

Amen Miguel. May the Lord bless your life. May I be an instrument in blessing the life of another.

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